About me

I’m a UX/Product Designer with a background in illustration, engineering, blogging, and social media.

My goal is to create digital experiences and communities where everyone feels included.

About me


I’m a UX Designer at Electronic Arts 🎮 where I research products for experience. I'm also CTO & Senior Product Designer at MealForMe.

I develop and designed LOLO Puzzle game in the past and also worked for HotHeadGames as UX Designer and Reseacher.


I am instructor to touched 65 people about UX/UI Design at Baku Design Academy. Also try to make content videos at Youtube Platform about Front-End


I’m a Commnucation Design graduate student at Poznan School of Social Sciences in Poland and also MA degree at the Mimar Sinan University as Film/Animation.


  • Graphic/Web Designer - Acun Media
  • UX/UI Designer - Modacruz
  • UX Designer - HotHead Games