Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs I receive about design, career, community building, running, favorite content, and requests. Enjoy!


Generally, I started with programming in 2006 for a specific goal in the digital world, after starting with WML, HTML, and CSS at a very early level, I have developed myself in what we now call Front-end. My interest in design began when I felt a visual lack of work while doing front-end programming. I reckon no one would use an interface that didn't look good. I prepared myself to go into this field. In the year I started, I didn't have much more opportunity to research because I didn't have a lot of resources, and I tried to develop my research habit and started to love research. But when I asked myself I will not only use this interface, People will use it not only for me, I could design for people, and discovered UX / UI.

After studying in Poland, I moved to Turkey because of an offer from a company in Turkey. I tried to be a part of this competition because the competition here was so great. My idea was only to develop my corporate experience and focus on learning to sell such things as being able to sell a job or develop communication skills based on real experiences. I owe a large part of my career development to my corporate experience. The ability to communicate with people plays a significant role in career development.

After moving from Turkey to Azerbaijan, I talked a lot with foreign companies and chose to work on a remote contract rather than working full-time in person in any company. Companies such as HotHeadGames and Electronic Arts had the opportunity to work more through referrals. For the first time, I started a full-time remote foreign company HotHead Games. I was a reference when I work for HotHead Games by the Canadian shareholder of the LOLO Puzzle game, of which I am both the owner and designer,  and I had a serious interview process and joined the team. For 2 years I worked for HotXead Games on the UX Research and UX Design teams.

User interface: Figma

Whiteboard: Miro, FigJam

Get my notes: Notion

Communication: Slack, Discord and paper pen.

I read a lot of books and try to communicate with people a lot. I try to participate in many events and try to get to know different people. I believe that sincerity is the key to everything.

I have a plan for an hour a day and I try to stick to it. I try to stay away from the nonsense I spend my time on and keep this discipline. Every day, I try to keep track of my daily tasks and stick to them. I force myself not to go beyond those tasks.

I read articles almost every day, develop my field of professionalism every day and do research to become a philosopher in this field. I do more development with research and blog posts. I do not use video materials much. Sometimes.

Medium, Maze Blog, Adobe XD Blog, Linkedin

As someone who is nourished with motivation, I try to keep my motivation as high as I can. I try to control my motivation psychologically and my self-confidence. It is my love for this work that motivates me to do it with love.

Instead of being friends with customers, I respect their business experience and try to approach every issue from a business point of view. I honestly try to strengthen relationships with customers. It is possible to make the right decisions without being deceived.

HotHead Games was a reference for Electronic Arts. It was approached by a human resources company co-operated by Electronic Arts and Hothead Games. I gladly agreed to join the interview. I went through 5 different interview processes, initially with a human resources company after then became with the head of the design team, then the head of the UX design team, then the CTO and also the head of the same design team. Each of these interviews took place to live in their own cloud system. The next stage was the test phase on a 2.5-hour instant task, live again.