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Who? What?

Farfelza is a tailor-made clothing brand belonging to Azerbaijan. Finding and researching the right client is a difficult process for any project, even with the excellent design and textile skills of the Farfelza team.

My role

Conduct customer experience research to determine who the right customer is for the company


Field studies, Dairy studies, Survey and Interviews


It is important to come up with the right customer persona for a unique textile company and consider whether that customer should be suitable for online shopping of this textile company.

The customer persona I discovered has had a profound impact on both the marketing side of the business and the customer experience side. Although finding out what the customer wants is difficult, being able to do so has made a significant impact with a 57% successful sales figure.


Touching, seeing, and examining as many materials, fabrics, and sketches as we have is one of the important parts of conducting a proper customer experience. In order to assume a customer, it was necessary to first feel what kind of person he is. I need to know what kind of textile my client will like.


Who uses this clothing? - active user

Who will use this clothing? - new user

*who - a character, a person with biographical information such as age, marital status, place of employment, etc


Number of responses


Task completion rate
Satisfaction level
Qualitative research
Survey results


Field research

It is the best decision to do field research among different stores, shopping centers, tailors, stylists in order to analyze what kind of stores people who care about this type of sketches shop and how they value and value those clothes. Finding the right people, finding the right customer and user should be sought outside the office, not in front of the computer.


Overall, as a result of my recent research, the decision to clarify ideas, design progress and roadmap has increased from 25% to 77%. Due to privacy concerns, the result of a correct client persona for the general project is not shared.


- The colors of the branding started to become clear and emerge

- There is no additional reason to start the site design system

- Planned a target group on the right customer

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