Revamped password validation for EA Users

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Password validation process

Origin is a video game buying and playing platform developed by Electronic Arts. Origin has more than 80 million active users today since 2011. We have implemented a password validation for the Forgot Password process to save users valuable time in the user login and registration section developed by Origin developers.



My role

Show users' current password rules while changing password processes.


In-depth interview, Remote interview, Heat-map analysis, User Testing


Knowing something beforehand and acting on it gives him confidence and comfort for a user. He/She is no longer on a dark way alone, but on a way where everyone can walk comfortably. If there are rules for setting the password, then you will save the user valuable time if he knows it in advance and not after certain tests. Testing multiple times to get familiar with the rules and then failing is not a good UX process.



Show them the password rules without tiring a user/customer and instantly show them that they passed those rules at every successful step.


1 Senior Experience Design Manager
1 Product Manager


I met with 24 testers using Zoom, they discussed some of these issues, and then I tested the newly assigned password determination system.


After the test results, we have provided them with the help of giving them a password to change their password.


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